Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans

If you’re disabled and/or have unique needs, you may want to choose a Medicare Advantage Special Needs plan.

Special Needs Plans for Medicare Advantage Insurance

You’ll need to enroll in Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B as well as meet specific eligibility requirements in order to be eligible for Medicare Advantage Special Needs plans.

What Types of Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans Are There?

There are 3 types of Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans: chronic condition, dual-eligible, and institutional.

  • Chronic condition: For those enrolled in Medicare and that have disabling chronic conditions (e.g., autoimmune diseases, cancer, cardiovascular disorders, dementia, HIV/AIDS).
  • Dual-eligible: For those who have both Medicare and Medicaid benefits. This typically provides only Medicare benefits, but coordinates with Medicaid benefits.
  • Institutional: For those who live in nursing homes or similar institutions or who require at-home nursing care. Clinical protocols in use cut down on unplanned discharges and offer as many services as possible within nursing facilities so as to avoid hospitalizations.

Need Help?

If you’d like to save time and money, please contact us at California Medicare Help, and we’ll recommend which Medicare Advantage special needs plans best fits your specific situation.

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