Medicare Advantage PPO Plans

Private insurance companies offer Medicare Advantage PPO plans that include a doctor network, hospitals, and other healthcare providers. PPO plans recommend that you use in-network healthcare providers although you’re not required to do so; however, you’ll pay more if you use out-of-network healthcare providers.

PPO Plans for Medicare Advantage Insurance

Medicare Advantage plans, also known as Medicare Part C plans, offer additional benefits tha original Medicare doesn’t and with little to no additional premiums. Healthcare benefits vary according to the area in which you live and plan providers.

When you enroll in a PPO, you won’t have to choose a primary-care physician or ask for a referral in order to see a specialist. In addition, most Medicare Advantage PPO plans cover prescription drugs.

Are Medicare Advantage HMO and PPO Plans the Same or Different?

Medicare Advantage HMO and PPO plans have many things in common. They differ in that PPOs let you see out-of-network healthcare providers (for higher-cost coinsurance or copayments), don’t require you to choose a primary-care provider, and allow you to see a specialist without a referral; however you’ll probably have to pay higher premiums for the PPOs’ built-in flexibility.

HMOs require you to use in-network healthcare providers, choose a primary-care provider, and need to obtain a referral in order to see a specialist; however, they usually charge lower premiums than PPOs.

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